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Microsoft April’s update causing computers to freeze

Is your computer stuck on installing updates, unable to boot, or freezing overall recently? Here is all the information we know for the cause of this issue and a temporary fix to it, until of course a solution is available. On Tuesday, April 9, Microsoft released its...

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Your Website has been Hacked!!!

Your website is hacked! We know the panic that goes through your head once you read “This site may be Hacked” on any search engine for your website. It is really frustrating - not only because it's troublesome to your visitors, but it's really difficult to completely...

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How to Set-p a Printer over Wi-Fi (Windows)

Printer Set-up   1. For reliable network set up you want to make sure that your printer will be set up with a static IP address. On most printers, you can do so by going to Home – network settings- LAN or WLAN set-up – IP settings – Static IP. Next, input your...

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How to Set-up a Printer using USB cable (Windows)

When you connect a printer to your PC, you should be able to start printing right away. Luckily for us, Windows supports most printers, so you probably will not have to install printer drivers on the web, which can be sometimes quiet annoying since there are tons of...

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How to Update Mac OS Faster

The answer is using Terminal to update your OS. 1: Open Terminal 2: Type “softwareupdate -l” 3: Install all available updates "softwareupdate -i -a” You can keep using your Mac until it finished updating. Please note after it is done, you will have to manually reboot...

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Windows 7 End Of life

In January 2020 Microsoft will end support for Windows 7.What it means? If you use Windows 7, you should start considering upgrading it  before it's end of life as Microsoft will no longer put out patches to fix vulnerabilities in the OS. As of now free...

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Stay away from CCleaner ver 5.33

CCleaner version 5.33 seems to contain a possible threat which allows hackers to use a backdoor to your system. It is reported that only 32 bit version is affected. Now update is published by the CCleaner team which fixed this issue but after this breach we do not...

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