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How to avoid spam

by Jun 11, 2015Technology

Keep your work email and personal email separate. If spammers don’t know your address, they can’t send to you! Avoid using your email in your signature unless you have to, especially if you post on forums.Have a separate email address as a junk collector or to register to public websites. Do not click on links in emails which you suspect as being spam.

This can lead to phishing attacks as your clicking the link confirms your email address. Do not click unsubscribe when dealing with spam emails, as usually this is the link that confirms your address. Never open attachments from spam emails. These can contain Trojan viruses which will share your email with other spammers or worse yet destroy your computer or compromise your security. By following these steps you will minimize your risk of being the target of spammers as well as protect yourself from phishing attacks and viruses.

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