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How to keep your PC/MAC up-to-date

by Aug 1, 2017Mac, Microsoft Office, update, Windows

How to keep your PC/MAC up-to-date


You will have to visit App Store and select updates. Usually it will show you what updates you need to run.

apple store

apple store

Please keep in mind any major updates such us going from 10.11 to 10.12 version may take up to 1 hour. Therefore please plan accordingly.

Microsoft Office for MAC

Usually every time you open any Microsoft software such as “Word” it brings up Microsoft AutoUpdate. In which case press on Check for Updates.

office update

office update

To check for updates manually you will have to open any Microsoft software and click on Help>Check for Updates. (You may have to run updates few times until you get message saying “There are no updates available for your Microsoft software at this time. Please check again later.”



With Windows it is much easier to keep everything up-to-date. You will just have to make sure to make few changes for you Windows Updates.

Windows 10

Press Start>Settings>Update & security>Advanced options

Make sure “Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows” is checked.

Go back and select “Check for updates” it may take some time for it to fully update your computer.

windows update

windows update

Windows 7

Press Start and type windows update. Select windows update and make sure under advance options “check for Microsoft products” is checked. Save and run updates.

This should keep you updated. You also have options to select what is your active hours in order to avoid windows to check for updates during your work hours.

Personally I suggest to check for updates manually once every month.

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