How to create a strong password that is not hard to remember.

The Image (password-strength.png)

is a simple comic that shows how easy it can be to make a good password that you can remember.

If you have any questions or need help with passwords, visit this website where you can test your password’s strength:

If you like Math and want to read more about why the longer password was stronger, see here:

Many of you asked about a way to store your passwords in one location. Below are a few options for that.

One of the best we found is Keeper. It is $29.99 per year and works on all devices:

There are a number of free options out there. Just always be careful and ask your IT if you intend to use a free one. They will be happy to look into it and make sure it is safe.


People always phishing for your password. Some things to keep in mind:

– Always use different passwords in case one is compromised
– Use common sense when entering passwords on the web. Make sure you typed in the link or retrieved it from a bookmark. NEVER TRUST LINKS IN EMAIL
– Hover the mouse over links to display their true destination
– If you are in doubt, ask IT

The image files show the example of a simple phishing attack and how to hover over the link (Phishing1.jpg and Phishing2.jpg)

You can see how clever hackers can be by entering this URL into your browser.

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