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How to Set-p a Printer over Wi-Fi (Windows)

by Feb 10, 2018network, printer, Progress Technology Solutions, PTSI, software, Technology, Windows

Printer Set-up


1. For reliable network set up you want to make sure that your printer will be set up with a static IP address. On most printers, you can do so by going to Home – network settings- LAN or WLAN set-up – IP settings – Static IP. Next, input your static IP address. (You will need to know which IP address is not being used. To do so, you can download an IP scan software which will help you list all the IP addresses being used on your local network)


Connecting your Printer


2. to control panel and click on View devices and printer under ‘Hardware and Sound’ category.


3. Click on add a printer and wait a few seconds to see if Windows displays your printer.

If it does, click on it to start installation.


What happens if I don’t see my printer?


1. Next step should be to download and install a driver software for your printer.


Note: if you have IT assistance it is best to ask for help as there will be a lot of options on the web and you want to make sure you will not be downloading any malicious software for your PC.


2. During the process of your printer’s driver installation, you will have an option to set up your printer by providing IP address information. Choose that option and use the IP address that you gave your printer and follow through the next steps. Unfortunately I cannot go into details as these installations processes may vary from one printer to another, however they should all have a general set-up process.

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