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VPN, What is it?

by Apr 15, 2016PTSI, Technology

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network is a connection between two routers, usually in two different locations.

Since each router creates its own network, a VPN link allows a user on one network to access an entirely different network.

Why is it useful?

VPN can be used to access files stored on a local server in your office, without regard to where you are physically located. It also allows your network administrator easy access to your network to troubleshoot and make changes to the server, router, printer, or any device on the network.

What is important it?

The most notable aspect is its security. VPN uses several types of encryption some of which generate automatic keys for files being sent across the VPN connection.

This means that even if data were to be intercepted, it would not be readable.

VPN ensures that when you work from a public space such as a café with WiFi or a public library the privacy of your data is ensured.

What are some great VPN providers?

Windows and Mac are pre built with VPN capabilities.

Windows server 2012 has VPN server build into it.

There are some other alternatives however:

For those who use a Dell SonicWall, there is a built in VPN service available.

It’s free for 1 user, and $47 for each additional.

The built in Sonicwall protocol is one of the best available.

Some other alternatives include:





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