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Windows 7 End Of life

by Nov 12, 2017software, update, Windows

Windows 7 End of Life








In January 2020 Microsoft will end support for Windows 7.What it means? If you use Windows 7, you should start considering upgrading it  before it’s end of life as Microsoft will no longer put out patches to fix vulnerabilities in the OS.

As of now free windows 10 upgrade period is ended, your only option is to purchase Win 10 Licence.

WINDOWS 10 PRO  $199


If you not sure which one to go with, please consider asking your self these questions.

1: Do you need advance user management capability? 2: Are you adding your computer into domain? 3: Do you have extra money?

If your answer for any of this questions was YES, buy WINDOWS 10 PRO. Otherwise windows 10 home editing will do just fine.


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