The Need for Thoughtful AI Deployment

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The recent IBM Think event, where CEO Arvind Krishna emphasized IBM’s commitment to customizing hardware, software, and services for each customer. This flexibility is essential, yet it highlighted a broader issue: our approach to AI lacks strategic thinking. We are deploying AI across various domains without prioritizing its most beneficial applications.

Historical Parallels: Learning from Nuclear Energy

Our current AI approach is reminiscent of the early days of nuclear energy. Initially, we focused on nuclear technology’s destructive potential, followed by unsafe energy generation practices, as seen in disasters like Chernobyl and Three Mile Island. Similarly, we are now applying AI broadly without adequately considering its optimal uses.

A social media meme captures this sentiment well: “I want AI to do my laundry and dishes so that I can do art and writing, not for AI to do my art and writing so that I can do my laundry and dishes.” This highlights the need for thoughtful AI application to enhance human creativity and productivity rather than replace it.

Reflecting on IBM Watson

When IBM launched Watson, its initial focus was on showcasing capabilities through game show victories. However, a significant portion of the early work aimed at providing better medical advice. Although IBM faced challenges in accessing reliable medical data and pivoted away from this market due to potential liabilities, this initiative embodied the “Think” ethos. Improving healthcare should be a top priority for AI, ahead of developing AI weapons systems.

Medical costs in the U.S. are exorbitantly high, and the quality of care is often lacking. AI has the potential to address both these issues, yet current priorities do not reflect this urgency. Instead, more troubling applications of AI are taking precedence.

Prioritizing AI Applications

Rather than indiscriminately deploying AI, we should prioritize its applications. A high-quality digital assistant should be at the top of this list. Such an assistant would need to accompany us in our work, enhancing productivity with accurate and useful information.

The Battle of AI Platforms: Lunar Lake vs. Snapdragon X Elite

In the AI race, Intel’s Lunar Lake platform and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite are significant contenders. Microsoft’s Copilot+, which includes features like Recall and Cocreator, initially favored Qualcomm’s processor. However, Intel’s Lunar Lake is poised to make a substantial impact, bringing high-end capabilities sooner than expected.

Interestingly, while desktops and workstations, used primarily by professional creators, would benefit immensely from advanced AI tools, they were not the initial focus. Instead, mainstream notebooks and gaming PCs, which will also see significant benefits from AI in the form of smarter NPCs and in-game helpers, have been prioritized.

AI’s Role in Enhancing Life

Reflecting on AI priorities, it should first aid in better decision-making and then focus on removing mundane tasks that detract from life’s enjoyment, such as cleaning, laundry, and driving in traffic. It should assist us without taking over our jobs, enabling us to focus on more meaningful activities.

Product of the Week: Trustworthy – The Family Operating System

An exemplary use of AI for positive impact is Trustworthy: The Family Operating System. This service helps manage personal and family life by organizing critical documents and information, such as mortgages, birth certificates, credit cards, retirement accounts, insurance, and passwords. Trustworthy uses AI in a memoryless manner, ensuring customer data privacy.

Features and Benefits

Trustworthy provides various service levels, from a modest plan for financial information protection to comprehensive packages for families and businesses, including personalized setup assistance. The platform emphasizes security with data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and regular redaction of sensitive information.

By focusing AI on simplifying life, reducing stress, and enhancing safety, Trustworthy exemplifies where AI should be directed. It helps manage disruptive events, recover from disasters, and maintain control over complex daily lives, making it my Product of the Week.


Our approach to AI needs strategic prioritization. AI should enhance human creativity and productivity, improve critical services like healthcare, and simplify life by handling mundane tasks. Products like Trustworthy illustrate the potential of AI to make our lives easier and safer. By thoughtfully deploying AI, we can ensure it serves as a tool for positive impact rather than a source of additional challenges.

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