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Chromebooks to Come with Free Basic PDF Editing

by Aug 16, 2022Microsoft, Microsoft Office, update0 comments

Google has announced some updates with their Chromebook apps that will be coming out soon with the PDF editing feature catching most people’s attention.

This will introduce new PDF editing functionality, with such features like the “fill out forms, sign documents and add text annotations” While there will be features for editing that professionals may need, this new update will allow for most people’s essential needs to be covered.

Along with this new update the gallery might be a much lighter install and use than the official free Acrobat Reader app and the Acrobat Pro. This could be a wonderful solution to those heavier installations.

Google has introduced an app for screen-recording called Screencast app along with another app called Cursive app that is a handwritten app.

Screencast will be great if you need to record things such as tutorials or make a slideshow presentation with a voice over. This would be done normally with 3rd party apps on either Windows or Mac, it makes sense for google to step in and provide an alternative option for users as web apps might not be the most reliable or even the best option to use.

Now the cursive app is a great feature that helps users not only capture but manage handwritten notes geared towards Chromebooks with e-Pen support.

People are enjoying the way that the Chromebook platform has been evolving. Taking over a good portion of Android tablet ecosystem with its desktop-level browsing and affordable pricing. This is a wonderful thing to see that Google has continued to progress towards integrating essential apps and services for the users.

Free Basic PDF Editing With Chromebooks | Ubergizmo

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