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The Lenovo ThinkStation P360 Ultra

by Jun 24, 2022Business, Design, Technology0 comments

On average a desktop workstation can be fairly bulky in size. Not to mention heavy as well with everything that is put into it so that the desktop is optimized to allow maximum performance and expandability.  With the ThinkStation P360 Ultra it spins that concept around and is more considerate for optimizing space. The company tries to maximize the power within the tight space allotted.

The ThinkStation P360 is a small workstation that Lenovo claims to be 15% smaller than its competitors and has key energy efficiency certifications such as Epeat Gold and Energy Star. This 8.7×7.9×3.4 inch certainly does make it smaller than other computers which can measure around 14.1×7.4×4.7, so this will definitely allow some more desk space for you.

Within this small and compact device, you will find an intel gen 12 desktop CPU accompanied with a maximum RTX A5000 GPU. That would be similar to a mobile RTX 3080. The mobile nature of this GPU is more matched with cooling and power envelopes on a small computer such as this one.

Now it is noted that the GPU connects to the motherboard with a proprietary connector. Meaning that only Lenovo can supply any kind of GPU upgrade that you would wish to do. It would come to no surprise if consumers just opted out of ever upgrading the GPU and treated it like a laptop.

The ThinkStation has four DDR5 RAM slots that it uses for the primary system and should be enough to most people who are interested in a smaller workstation. The ThinkStation should be easily configured to 64 GB of RAM.

As with other smaller workstation computers. This one has a 300W power supply that is external. Which would be interesting to see how not only the highest CPU but also the highest GPU options would be with a limitation to them by the power.  With extra speed and power will also bring more heat to the device so it is probably fair to assume that this workstation would have a better cooling option inside it compared to that of a laptop workstation.

This small workstation had a lot of ports which is also something that can be viewed as more affordable and speedier in comparison to something that is similarly priced laptop workstation, another thing to consider as well is that with the smaller sizing the ThinkStation P360 Ultra is more portable over its larger counterparts.

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