Free Password Manager by Microsoft

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Password manager helps users remember and store their password locally or to the cloud or both. Smart password managers automatically fill in logins when needed, as well as generate strong and secure password and remembers it for you.


Microsoft recently introduced its own Autofill password manager which is slowly improving as more and more people start using it. It does beg the question of why you might choose to use Microsoft’s solution compared to others like Google Chrome, or Apples’ iCloud keychain and that might depend on your preferences. For example, if you already using Microsoft Authenticator app, then maybe it might make sense to use the Autofill feature. As well as, if other password manager not working properly, Microsoft’s solutions could be worth exploring. Soon they are planning to make it easy for users to import their saved password from Chrome and 3’rd party managers, so you can take it for a spin if you want.

It is now available for iOS and Android as part of the Authenticator app, and in Google Chrome Browser as an extension. Link to download for Chrome.

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