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IPHONE and IPAD users please be advised regarding serious vulnerability regarding Apple’s default Mail App. According to security company ZecOps, the problem allows a hacker to infect device by sending a specially-crafted email. There’s no attachment that has to be clicked. Six people are confirmed to be hacked. Apple is aware of this issue and working to put on a fix shortly. Please look out for new updates for your Mail App.


Skype users please be advised of hackers who are trying to infect your device by sending an email that looks like it came from the Skype team. Subject line “notification” and the victim’s email address. The message says you have a number of pending notifications, and to see them click on the Review button. That will lead to a login page address starts with the phrase “Skype-online” and that looks like it’s from Skype, but its a fake to capture your login username and password. In fact it automatically fills in your email address, so all you have to do is fill in the password. One way to tell its a fake is the website address is “skype-online0345”, which is probably meant to look like Office365.


Source: Cyber Security Today

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