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How to Check Your PC for Virus/Malware

by Sep 12, 2017Mac, software, Windows

If you notice something is wrong with your computer, such as random popups, or documents you usually use no longer opens. Take this steps and check your system for malware and viruses.

Step 1: Install Antivirus

We recommend using AVAST as it is free and very efficient:

It support PC and MAC.


Step 2: Install Malware scanner.

So far we were able to take care of malware using Malwarebytes. It never let us down. It is free for 14 days but you can reinstall it as many time you want.


After system scan finishes for both software you will have better idea if you have any issues in your computer. Please be advised, free version of AVAST sometimes might be annoying with notification asking to subscribe. You can disable that by making changes under settings. Also you can disable some futures if you feel like after installing AVAST your computer is running slow.


Hope this post was helpful, and you have any software experience you would like to share with us please feel free to contact us.







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