Introduction: The release of macOS Sonoma brought a wave of excitement among Apple users, promising new features and enhanced performance. However, like any software update, it also brought along a few unexpected challenges, leaving Apple admins scrambling to address emerging issues. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the common snags impacting macOS Sonoma users and discuss potential solutions for these challenges.

1. USB Hub Recognition Issue: One of the prominent issues affecting macOS Sonoma users revolves around the recognition of USB hubs, particularly in conjunction with third-party monitors. This problem has been reported across various platforms, including Apple’s support forums and Reddit, causing disruptions in conference room setups, educational institutions, and office environments. While the root cause remains unclear, users have reported temporary fixes such as toggling privacy settings and swapping USB cables. Although inconvenient, it’s hoped that future software updates will address this flaw and restore seamless functionality.

2. Deprecation of Addigy MDM Watchdog Utility: Another significant setback for Apple admins is the deprecation of Addigy’s MDM Watchdog Utility, a valuable tool for device management. This utility, designed to monitor MDM frameworks and facilitate software patch installations, faced challenges due to deprecated commands within the latest macOS version. With critical commands like “launchctl kickstart” no longer supported, admins may experience difficulties in ensuring timely software updates across their fleets. While Addigy is committed to exploring alternatives, the loss of this functionality underscores the evolving landscape of remote device management for Macs.

3. Printer Disappearance After Update: In addition to USB hub issues and MDM utility deprecation, some macOS Sonoma users have encountered problems with previously configured printers disappearing post-update. Discussions on Apple Support suggest a potential correlation with third-party antivirus software, hinting at compatibility issues that may disrupt printer functionality. Admins grappling with this issue may find relief by uninstalling incompatible software and rebooting affected Macs to trigger printer reconfiguration.

Conclusion: As Apple admins navigate the complexities of macOS Sonoma, it’s essential to remain vigilant and proactive in addressing emerging challenges. While software updates promise improvements and new features, they may also introduce unforeseen obstacles that require swift resolution. By staying informed, leveraging community resources, and exploring potential workarounds, admins can mitigate disruptions and ensure a smooth transition for users.

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