Windows 11 New Watermark

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Windows 11 New Watermark

With the announcement of Microsoft now watermarking Windows 11 for PC’s what does this mean for you and how does it affect you or your PC?  The short answer to it is it really does nothing to affect your computer in a negative way.

With this new watermark all it means is that your hardware on the device you’re using is dated and does not support Windows 11.  This however won’t impact you in any way other then placing a small watermark on your screen which will be located on the bottom right of the screen.  All the features will still be accessible to you, and the apps you use too.

This tiny watermark will more than likely be considered annoying by some people to have that on their screen as a small reminder from Microsoft that their device is to be considered outdated if the hardware requirements are not met by the standards of the company.

Microsoft Is Now Watermarking Windows 11 For PCs That Don’t Officially Support It | Ubergizmo The source for this blog.

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