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iPhone 15 to introduce an in-display face I.D?

by Apr 22, 2022apple, iphone0 comments

iPhone 15 to introduce an in-display face I.D?

Currently with the designs for the iPhones the make of them has been consistently the same over the years. Sporting a sleek design of an edge-to-edge display with the only exception being for the top middle part of the screen.  It is here that the screens have housed a notch cut out for the front facing cameras and a true depth camera system.  Everything could change though with the new iPhone 15.

Set to launch sometime in the year 2023. There have been reports that Apple could finally introduce this feature of a in-display face I.D system.  This new design could lead the iPhones to a much sleeker design as well as a much better experience using it.

While it is expected for Apple to stay with the notched cutout for the iPhone 14, it has been suggested that they could be switching the design to a less intrusive pill-shaped cutout for the screen. While not being a brand-new concept to phone screens as other companies like Samsung have been using different cutouts for the cameras on the screen.  This would be something new for iPhone to delve into and would give an updated aesthetic to the classical look iPhones have been using for some time now.

We have also seen other Android handset makers attempt to utilize the in-display camera system on their own, but with the fact of this not catching on widely yet suggests that the quality of the camera for this feature to be utilized properly, has not quite reached the level of user-friendly accessibility.

While this new feature sounds exciting to open the possibility for iPhones to update their phones designs.  The best thing to remember is that it is still a long way off until 2023 so it is best to keep the expectations tempered as this could all still yet be changed.

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