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Expecting 15-inch MacBook Air in 2023?

by May 18, 2022apple, laptop, Mac, Technology0 comments

Apple use to offer MacBook laptops in two sizes 15-inches and 17-inches years ago.  Though the later a decision was made to no longer offer the 17-inch MacBook.  Thus, making the 15-inch option the largest size available.   Apple would later introduce smaller options for the MacBook airs like an 11-inch option and just last year the 14-inch option.

The MacBook Airs have been typically viewed as the economical cost alternative to the MacBook Pro.  One could imagine though that bumping the screen size up on the MacBook Airs would add to the overall expenses of the MacBook Airs, which might in turn make them an option that is no longer a budget friendly option to most consumers.  Now with that being said it, could be a welcomed change by the fans of MacBook Airs who might appreciate or benefit from having a wider display to work with.

Reports have claimed that this model for the MacBook Air could be launched in 2023. Don’t expect to be seeing this new MacBook at any of the Apple events within this year. This type of news is not uncommon to hear too. It’s been said in the past that a larger MacBook Air would be released. It’s been hinted in the past that such a thing would be coming.  Though keep on the side of caution with such early news since Apple can always decide to not move forward with it.


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